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About Us

Allgood Bonsai is a premier Bonsai garden and nursery located in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Rodney Clemons and his wife Charlie are  the owner/operators of Allgood Bonsai. Trees  have comforted Rodney with their embrace since his start as a wee sprout.

Rodney Clemons studied with E. Felton Jones and enjoyed workshops with many visiting artists like John Naka and Yugi Yoshimura. His style has been formed by studying nature, drawing heavily on childhood memories of coastal Florida. Rodney excels in capturing the tension in nature and translating it to bonsai. He is best known for his unique "rock plantings" and his love of "Kingsville" boxwood.

A few of the highlights are:

-1993 World Bonsai Convention in Florida

-1997 International Bonsai Conference in England

-Returning guest artist at Brussel's Rendezvous in  Mississippi for nine years

-Returning artist at The Winter silhouette Show in North  Carolina

-Bonsai curator at the Smith Gilbert Gardens

-Bonsai curator at The Monastery of the Holy Spirit

"I will always remember the first tree that I climbed and the first tree that I fell from.  My initial glimpse of a bonsai evoked my childhood memories and relationships with trees.  Bonsai teaches the nuances of all the needs and growth habits of each particular species of tree.  Through a lot of time, dedication and heart a bonsai asks you to care for it in a relatively little bitty container for years on end forging a committed, symbiotic relationship. Many have said that trees are the best teachers of bonsai so then all the student needs to do is observe and listen to the silent yet potent language of trees. "

-Rodney Clemons

<<< Allgood Bonsai's Winged Elm was accepted into the Pacific Bonsai Museum Collection in Federal Way, WA. (September, 2018)

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