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A Premier Bonsai Experience

Rodney Clemons and his wife Charlie are the owner/operators of Allgood Bonsai, in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  The nursery specializes in premier Bonsai of various kinds.  Rodney is a well known speaker/teacher and enjoys his travel opportunities in sharing his passion for bonsai as well as workshops and private sessions at Allgood Bonsai.  He curates two public collections and strives to help elevate the quality and advancement of bonsai in the US.

The Garden

We are located in Stone Mountain, GA. 


In this podcast, Ryan Neil is joined by Rodney Clemons. 

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Rodney Clemons

Rodney Clemons was captivated by bonsai in 1973 when he saw a Trident maple forest that struck chords in his heart and artistic nature. 

Winter Silhouette Show 2022


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Explore our educational videos updated monthly to learn more about the art of bonsai.

Boxwood Bonsai- Rodney at Mirai

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